No more blurred lines.

Its time to differentiate between these two very similar looking eye liners. The lines are blurred when it comes to their packaging, but there needs to be a clear distinction made. They are not the same.
 I learned that after my best friend picked up on me liking the Kat Von D liner and surprised me with the Ink Liner, having no idea there are two different ones. I was so thankful I did not correct her, I took it as an opportunity to try the Ink liner since I've only been using the Tattoo version thus far. Upon trying it however I could tell they are not the same. The main difference between these two is that the original Ink liner is a felt tip "sharpie-like" applicator, while the tattoo is a thin unique brush tip applicator. 
Now, if you've tried a firm felt tip applicator before you may either be a devoted fan or absolutely hate the way this goes on. I admit, I belong to the latter group. I find it extremely difficult to draw a smooth thin line around my eye with a solid tip applicator. 
The tattoo liner's brush tip became unbeatable for me. It glides on smoothly, doesn't "bleed" outside of the line and is forgiving towards going over the lines to correct small mistakes without turning into a black eye. On that note, whether you prefer the Ink or the Tattoo liner, just don't mix them up while shopping as you may be disappointed. Know your preference and type of look that you're going for before grabbing one of these!
*Note: Due to numerous demands, detailed swatches and comparisons will be posted as an update to this post!


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