Hair color journey!!

They say that before making a change to your hair, you should ask yourself what do you wanna do with your life.  I can be a creature of habit and stick to one hairstyle and color for ages, but then there comes a breaking point in my life where I suddenly decide that I need a change.
I had an awesome hairdresser back in Europe and  I miss him so! He used to play with my hair for hours and I felt ''re-born'' every time I left the salon. He was also the person who colored my hair for the first time and that's probably when I fell in love how different each hair color can make you feel. Don't take me wrong, you're still YOU no matter what, but playing up your hair color can truly make you feel like you can rule the world for a while:)
Enough rambling, here's the new hair! I went from light strawberry blonde to dark burgundy\auburn color. In case you're wondering, my natural hair color is kind of medium hazel brown:)
I do like the new look and I can't wait to get a new hair cut & low lights as well! The purple tones are mostly visible in daylight, while indoors it looks more just like a brunette which I actually don't mind at all:) Burgundy hair is usually a trend for fall, which is a bonus, but I didn't get this color for that purpose and I think it might last throughout the winter as well if I don't get bored. Who knows!;)

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>>This is how my hair looked before:)

>> Most of the time, I always had just added highlights to my hair:)
>>close to my natural hair color

>> my crazy hair-do back when I was 14...oh well:D

Until next time,
much love!<3


  1. You look fab! Id like to change my hair to a more reddy colour. Ive never bothered to take the "red plunge" but i also like having highlights....decisions decisions..!
    Lovely post :)


  2. you look so pretty, blonde or whatever!!

  3. You look gorgeous! I agree, new hair can really make you feel great, as they say, a change is as good as a holiday. :o)

  4. I really like your hair. It's such a nice color, and a bit longer than usual :).

  5. cute!!!

  6. what brand/shade is the burgundy color? i have been wanting to do a shade like that!

    1. That one was the Garnier belle color Auburn. Not sure about the number now I'll look it up:)

  7. You look amazing! Your hair is naturally pretty! Baroness Susan Greenfield


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