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Doesn't look like spring here in Montreal at all. In fact, there is still some snow here and there, but one can dream. I've been in the process of minimizing the amount of makeup products that I own to the very staples that I can play around with. I generally remain loyal once I find a product that works for me, but of course that comes from the endless trial and error cycle. For the much anticipated spring however, I think I managed to narrow it down to my liking. Found products that work for me and that I like. Some of them are on a pricier side but I rarely venture out and go out on random drugstore makeup purges of numerous items that I do not need. I stick to the staples and use my budget on those instead. So here they go !

 Tarte Pro to Go Palette :

 The internet and makeup stores are swamped by so many makeup palette options. Frankly, I've been sort of over large eyeshadow palettes for a while now because I rarely make use of every single color in the palette. (I salute you if you do!) I went for this travel size that I personally find more than sufficient for my eyemakeup needs. With my hooded eyelids there's not much color magic I can pull off, but these make me wanna try! The pigmentation of the shadows is insane, as in even as a makeup amateur you can tell the difference in quality. They also smell divine. Scented eyemakeup is usually a turn off for me but these make my smell senses tingle. What would make this palette even closer to perfection would be a pale highlighting color for my Casper skin tone. All of the colors are quite strong and nothing to blend them out into! The shades are lovely though so it gets a pass from me.

NARS creamy concealer in 'Chantily'

 Did I mention my Casper skin tone? Yeah, this concealer is very light so not ideal for very dark circles without putting a darker shade first, but it does a great job in brightening. Blends extremely well and doesn't crease. I find it works best when applied with just your fingers.

NYX matte lip colors in 'Life's a beach' & 'Ibiza' 
These two very similar shades are one of my favourite matte lip creams. The #17 is Ibiza, which is a shade from their regular matte cream collection. It is more muted than the next #02 "Life's a beach" from the Liquid Suede, which is a brighter coral pink. Both of these don't dry out my lips and have a great color payoff. I prefer them over some higher end lip creams that I've tried and they felt super drying. I have a feeling they may both make it into the summer as well.

Kat Von D Tattoo liner
This has become my staple liquid eyeliner. I already went through a whole bunch of these. The tattoo liner has the perfect felt tip that doesn't break time overtime or loses its sharpness. It is very thin and very forgiving when it comes to correcting your liner mistakes. I do very much prefer the tattoo liner over the Ink liner just because it is finer and easier to work with for me. If you're going for that pinup thick eyeline, the Ink liner may work great for you. As for me, I will be re-purchasing the Tattoo liner for sure. Blog post with more details on these bad boys coming up. 

Tarte 'Let's partyyy' Amazonian Clay Blush
Never thought I would fall in so much love with something that came in my little Sephora Bday kit. This bluch is just such a perfect combination of ... coral/brick/salmon?...I can't even describe the color but it is beautiful and looks great on my yellow undertone skin. Already got my hands on a back up. 
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  1. I honestly think it's great that you get use out of your palettes and stick to the makeup you love! And don't over purchase either! I unfortunately don't have that kind of self-restraint, but I'm trying to teach myself. Now that summer is just around the corner I've got to use NYX Ibeza again!

    Rebecca | morerebe.com

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  2. Tarte Pro to Go Palette have perfect shades for spring and fall! The Outside Clinic reviews


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