"I can see clearly now the rain is gone" aka New Specs

I got a surprising amount of questions about my new pair of eyes so let's address them!
First off, yes they are prescription. I personally have mono vision, which is just a fancier term for one eye being far sighted and the other nearsighted. I previously wore a basic black pair of Raybans which let's just say were not the most affordable thing ever and I managed to just let them vanish during my moving apartments process *sighs*. For the longest time afterwards, there was no way I was going to dish out $$ on a new pair so I learned to live without it and trained my eyes, or so I thought. A year passed by and my eyes started getting really dried and tired rather quickly. It was time to face it and either get contact lenses for the first time in my life or invest in a new pair of specs. 
Luckily enough, a place opened nearby that offered less expensive eyewear if you knew your prescription. I know there are a lot of online store options that offer extremely cheap glasses but my face doesn't suit many frames so I always feel safer trying them on. 
The place I'm talking about here is BonLook. They're a Montreal based Canadian company that makes great looking trendy eyewear for a fraction of the price that you would pay at the optician. Now, I still had to go to the optician and pay for an eye exam which still however came out way cheaper in total. 
I went there a few times before I finally decided on a pair that I wanted and trust me I changed my mind about a hundred times. I had my eyes on a very pretty pair of rose/blush frames, but sadly they washed my face out even more. All of the pretty colourful ones I tried were a nono so I had to come to terms with the fact that I have to stick to basic black. 
I must say, the service that I got was pretty amazing. And this post is not sponsored at all. Either I had good luck or they just have their customer service down to perfection. I paid for the eye-glasses in the store and since I did not receive a paper copy of my prescription from my optician they offered to call for me and obtain it from them. I pretty much got daily updates on how my order was doing which was pretty great. They later messaged me saying my order has been shipped to my house and they came two days later! Let's just say I'm a happy camper now. Bonlook often holds different special offers and discounts so I may stay on a lookout for an extra pair to switch things up every once in a while. They also offer non-prescription options for those who are lucky enough to have healthy eyeballs but still want to accessorize them;) If you're adventurous, there's been an increasingly large number of online eyewear retailers selling glasses at crazy cheap prices so if you gave them a go let me know!
Until next timeđź’•


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