BITE Beauty ft. Influenster Collab Box: Grudge Makeup Conversion?

Ok so, I'm not a lipstick/lip liner girl. I like to eat way too much for me to worry about lipsticks melting into a hot mess all over my face whilst enjoying my precious food. That being said, I've recently received the Voxbox, a courtesy from Influenster that featured the new BITE beauty lip pencils so I gave it a go.
I must say, as a heavy lip stain user I'm used to my lips being dried out by products but these lip pencils and lipsticks are probably the creamiest things I've tried (when it comes to lip products of course).

I love the Bite Lipstick tube packaging, always have, it's very sleek. The packaging of the pencils on the other hand, was quite average. I actually had a little accident where right after taking it out of the plastic seal the little colour end of the pencil just fell right off. Now, I know faulty products happen and it was only one of the pencils that seemed to have lacked the glue so I let it slide. The actual product itself is very good and extremely smooth to apply so I must give them that. The kit came with mini lipsticks to match the pencil shades. I also noticed that the pencils are made in Canada which is a refreshing thing to hear.
As far as the colours go, I was very intimidated. The two extremes I thought I could never pull off: The nude and the grungy dark lip. After trying these, I broderline converted to the dark lip look. I've always liked it on other people and admired how well they pulled it off. The #044 is this dark merlot tone that's easier to work with for me than let's say cool toned or even black lips. I sort of almost managed to not look ridicoulous...I mean, I donno.

Until next time!💕


  1. I'm thinking you should wear the darker lip more often! You're totally more than badass enough to rock it!

    Rebecca |

    1. Ah thank you so much, I'll give it a try. You seem to rock it great btw!<3

  2. Really interesting lip shades. Perfect for the Halloween! Richard Butler Creagh


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