Lights, Camera, Splashes: Tarte's Waterproof Mascara Review

As I left my house with no makeup on, I realized I was about to have a work meeting and I looked like one of those anti-drug promo posters. The "after" version of what apparently happens to you when you get even remotely close to drugs. Ironically though these portraits often require a lot of makeup work and photoshop to make them look as terrifying. I just needed some bad sleep to achieve this rather complex look.
Off to Sephora I go to find a good waterproof mascara that will last a while and won't start melting down my face when things get real. I have always gravitated towards Tarte when browsing at Sephora. I suspect the packaging of their products has a strong influence over my inclination, but either way their stuff is generally good. I rarely ever spill out a larger amount of money on mascara, even if it's cruelty-free. It is however, one of my makeup staples. Since I started reducing the products I use on my face, or the amount of makeup I wear, I chose mascara as one of those that I'll stick to even if I wear no other makeup at all. So there, I justified to myself a Sephora splurge. Heh.
After looking at the other cruelty-free brand mascaras, I ended up with Tarte's "Lights, Camera, Splashes". Here are my thoughts!:
  • Waterproof : YES, do not try to rub this baby of with just water, it won't work! Some good ol' coconut oil or oil-based makeup remover should work wonders though.
  • Cruelty-Free: Tarte as a brand itself is cruelty-free and has the cruelty free bunny logo on their packaging, HOWEVER they are owned by a parent company that is not all that cruelty free, which I understand throws many people off. As for me, such companies are huge and could have a lot of influence over the animal testing issue. If only the cruelty-free brands brought them profits I foolishly hope the parent companies themselves could eventually get pressured (for the lack of a better word) into being cruelty-free as well.
  • Packaging: Unique. It sort of reminds me of a fancy pen case. Could do without the faux snake skin look to it though.
  • Mascara wand: When I first saw the brush, I was not very impressed to be honest. It looked like it would clump a lot of product on and the bristles looked sort of weak and bent. To my surprise the brush does distribute the product quite nicely and is easy for applying on the lower lashes as well.
  •  Formula: Thick and quick-drying. It goes on thicker than other mascaras, giving nice volume to the lashes. Careful with applying multiple layers if you don't want some serious spider lashes action going.
Overall, I've grown to actually like this mascara as it does coat the lashes nicely and is truly waterproof without being too drying.


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