Wonton/Gyoza Wrappers (Vegan & Extra Easy)

Veggie dumplings alone or in a wonton soup are one of my all-time favourites. I always wanted to make my own meatless version of dumplings and gyoza since finding it in regular restaurants was quite a pain. Most of them had meat in it and there were rarely any worthy vegetarian options. I was getting desperate.

One day I stumbled upon a pack of wonton wrappers in a store and got filled with joy thinking: "Ha! Now I can make my own dumplings super easily! All I need to make is the filling!", but my excitement dropped rather quickly after looking at the ingredients listed. No, I am not only talking about eggs and other animal ingredients my vegan friends would reject, but also a bunch of chemicals I found unnecessary. I remembered my mom making her own pasta, noodles and rising dumpling dough. Although she used eggs in some of them, there was no other crap, just a few ingredients and it always tasted delicious. I therefore assembled all my courage and decided to make my own wonton wrappers. Taking it a step further I wanted to make them gluten-free & vegan cause that's just how I roll and I like the challenge.
There was however no challenge since as I learned all you actually need is flour, salt and boiling water! I used my trustworthy gluten-free all purpose blend and it worked just fine. I also tried substituting half of it with buckwheat flour, which will give them dark grainy look instead of the typical white dough and will add a slight nutty flavour, but it makes them unique.

When I found how easy they are to make, my jaw dropped. I think I will never buy them again, unless I'm in some delicious veggie restaurant and they offer cabbage/leek dumplings...I can't resist. 

*Boiling water
(Yes, that's all! If you want to make it fancy add some buckwheat flour as I mentioned, or some flax-egg but I did not find it necessary)
Sift your flour, add salt and slowly start adding the water. You want the dough to become subtle and stay together in one piece. Go slowly with the water since even if the dough seems crumbly, once the water absorbs properly into the flour it will get together. So don't get tempted to add water unless your dough really won't stay together even if you fold it with your hands. Patience is the key!

Well, there you have it, super easy wonton or gyoza wrappers and now you can enjoy your dumplings cruelty-free and gluten-free all you want. After making a batch of these wrappers I keep making different creations, coming up with different filling ideas and as you may have guessed this dough can also be adapted into your homemade pasta dough for you spaghetti and lasagna lovers. ;)


  1. They're so simple to make!! I'll have to try these! :)


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