Covergirl Lip perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm : quick review

Ok, I've heard quite mixed reviews on this one so I decided to add my two cents to the discussion.
First of all, I only own one shade of these,which is the 215 Watermelon Twist. I think the choice of colour is probably what mainly defined my liking of this product. Yes, I like it...a lot!
To me, it does all that it is advertised to do. This is a gloss balm, which should give away the fact that it will be on a sheer pigmentation side.
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  • Colors : I am not too excited about the other shades, but I love the Watermelon Twist. It gives a slight pop of color when I'm not wearing much makeup and it makes my eye color (green) stand out.
  • Pigmentation: It is sheer, but that is how it's supposed to be and I find that you can build it up, at least the darker shades. (Especially the pink\red ones can really pop and look as a lipstick.)
  • Moisturizing?: I was actually impressed to find that a bit later after applying it, my lips didn't feel as dry. However, if you already have chapped lips, it won't serve as a saviour lip balm and it might accentuate all the chopped pieces of dry skin on your lips. 
  • Packaging: The balm twists out which is a regular thing for this type of products I believe.
  • Smell: It does not have a fragrance, but it does have a slightly chemical smell to it. You'd really have to sniff it to smell it though, so I don't consider as that much of a big deal.
  • Price: Affordable, compared to other brands. (~$8 - $10)

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  1. well the color is gorgeous! good pick

  2. The look looks great on you! Not sure we get cover girl in the uk unfortunately xx

  3. Thanks for the follow hun!! :) followed back!! Look forward to reading your posts! Xx

  4. This is exactly what I've been looking for :) thanks for the post x

  5. Great review and I really love your blog! :)

  6. Please check out my blog! I just put up my first review blog post on spring drugstore must have lip products.

  7. It's so pretty and goes so well with your skintone! Thanks for reviewing for us...wish we had covergirl in Italy too! :)

  8. Very pretty shade will need to give this a try it sounds amazing! D: xx

  9. I am obsessed with this color too right now!!!


  10. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Really like yours and im so temptd to by this jumbogloss balm looks delicious.
    Im folloing you now.
    Lucy xoxo


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