Confessions of a BB creamaholic: 'Good Afternoon Tea' by Skinfood

Skinfood has a whole collection of the Good Afternoon Tea BB creams that are " infused with skin-revitalizing afternoon teas", all of which have SPF20. I will be reviewing them rather in general, based on the two that I have tried. Sure, they all have certain different specific properties, but I find them very similar. You simply have to pick the one additional property that appeals to you, based on your skin type and what you expect from it.                                             Click " Read More" to continue:)

After receiving the Good Afternoon Honey black tea bb cream sample,I think I was sold right after trying it out. It smelled delicious and felt like if it really had honey in it, without the stickiness. The honey one was very moisturising and made my skin feel extremely soft and healthy looking. I purchased it and when I started running out, I went ahead and bought the Peach Green Tea one to try something different. The Peach green tea is meant to be more mattifying, oil-controlling and it feels a bit lighter and fresher on the skin with a slightly lighter texture.
- As you might have noticed, I purchased two extremes, one that is meant to nourish a drier skin and one that is meant to control oily skin, but somehow, I am happy with both of them. 
  • Coverage: Very light, but does the job and has a nice natural and dewy finish.
  • Application: I love how easily it applies onto the skin. I use my hands and it doesn't streak or patch.
  • Smell: Pleasant smell, but has fragrance so beware for those who are sensitive!
  • Durability: Long-lasting. After hours at school or work, my skin still looked fine.
  • Price: Affordable compared to other brands ( 8-15 CA$) Can be bought online, but make sure you're getting an authentic product especially on e-bay or amazon.
  • Quantity: A handy 30g tube, that actually lasts a while. (A little goes a long way)
  • Packaging: Simple yet adorable. Comes in a cute cardboard box and the tube has a rubbery like feel , doesn't break or anything.
Swatches\before & after pictures:

 There's a slight, but barely noticeable difference in the shades. They both suit my skin tone once blended in.


There goes my review on the Skinfood Good afternoon tea bb creams, I personally really like them but I also understand that they might not be for everyone. The light coverage might bother some people, but with a bit of concealer, it is a great replacement of a full face foundation:)


  1. The packaging is really cute!! Nice review!!♥


  2. I like BB creams, sometimes foundation feels really heavy to have on so I like the lightness of BB creams, this one looks great on your skin! I will have to see if they sell this brand in the UK.

    E x

  3. Great review hun! I have never tried these but I am curious now!

    I am running an International Giveaway on my blog now and I'd love it if your enter! :))


  4. I Love SkinFood Products !!!!

    Visit my blog I'm new too this ^_^

    and maybe we can follow each other? ^_^

  5. I'm addicted to bb creams too, my favourite at the moment is the BRTC Gold Caviar BB cream.

    Love the quote you have on your blog header btw!

    Samuel James Morris

  6. These look amazing! I live in the UK but I think I'll have to try and scout out one of these!

    Love the coverage, as sometimes I don't like how easily foundation is layered on without realising!

  7. I find the BB creams never have the right colour for my skin! :P


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