Well, well, well...what brings you here young lady?

I usually don't like the cheesy comebacks where people excuse and justify their lack of posts by simply not having enough time, etc.. but since it's been a WHILE I might as well tell you that I started college, did not stop working and it just accumulates. Must not forget a new bf and a cat that both require lots of attention...*sigh
I haven't been slacking off completely and the blogger in me manifested from time to time in form of capturing all the silly things with my camera and reading some of your blogs before going to bed. 
Here's a few snapshots I took during my blog absence:
> these were the Xmas cookies that are faaaar gone now:)
> struck by the beautiful sky

click "Read More" to continue:)    

> dining with a dinosaur. my favourite person <3

>Shirley Temple, non-alcoholic drink that I adore

>have a wonderful duck hunting! :))


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