Lise Watier 3-IN-1 Miracle primer

Let me introduce you to one of my top favorite primers. I'm a bit of a makeup primer junkie so I have tried quite a few of them, but this one has made its way to my heart. Before I start raving about this, let's see what it claims:
>>"1 product, 2 formulas, 3 actions! With its innovative concept and formula, this one-of-a-kind product is sure to join the
ranks of the great classics next to the original BASE MIRACLE. "
My thoughts & Stats
So, this primer comes in three different shades which are banana (great for pink undertone), lilac (brightening) & apricot (tan enhancing). Each of them is a combination of a translucent primer and color correcting primer. I own the lilac one and it brightens my skin wonderfully! No, it won't make you shiny, unless you have very, very, very oily skin I would maybe go for the other type.;)
It is also enriched with vitamins A & C, makes you ''silky smooth''(insert an accent from Meet the Zohan movie hehe) and yes, I feel it does help your foundation to stay on a bit longer:)

It might be a bit pricey (35CA$), but you have to take into consideration that this will last you pretty long time. It lasted me for about 4-5months, which I don't know whether is even acceptable to keep a primer for this long, but you get my point right?;)
Thank you for reading!
Until next time,
much love<3


  1. Looks good! Gotta love a good brightening primer

  2. I got a new primmer, by rimmel, and i love it :)
    I don't think we have this line in Lebanon :(

  3. It's only like $10 bucks more than the one I currently have so I might try this one when I run out


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