I haul, U haul: Bath & Body Works!

Is my crazy obsession with LUSH coming to an end or what?!...I don't think so! But I must admit I've been stopping by Bath & Body Works way more often these days and trust me, I do try to be reasonable with my spending, but how can you possibly resist when you pass by a yummy smelling store?? It just sucks you in...well, this is the effect that these types of stores have on me personally, but I'm still hoping I'm not alone on this one!:P
Here is a quick overview of things I recently got at Bath & Body Works. Well, not as recently to be honest, I got these about two weeks ago, but eh at least I got to posting it!;) 
Goodies stats:

  • -Body spray in " Midnight pomegranate" (full size)
  • - Body spray in " Japanese cherry blossom" (small size)
  • - Body spray in " Sensual amber" for mom:P (small size)
  • - 2 Mini lotions in "Paris amour" & " Pomegranate citrus"
  • - 2 small size candles in " Mint chocolate"
  • - 6 hand sanitizers 
More pictures below!!:)
Have a wonderful day<3

Until next time,
much love!<3


  1. omg dont even talk to me about uhaul right now, ughhhhhhhh. if ONLY my uhaul was carting entirely beauty products. i wish! great haul!

  2. Great haul. I looove midnight pomegranate for fall.

  3. This post is killing me!

    I have been in love with Bath & Body Works lotions forever, and they aren't available here. :(

    I can only read your post with envy.

    The Cat Hag
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  4. Love love ttys mint chocolate chip candle ... The smell is amazing ... Please I hope u can follow me back britters89.blogspot.com


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