Get ready with me!:)

Hi lovelies,

After such a long time, I finally had time to put up a video. I actually filmed a few of them during summer but since I was so busy I didn't have the time for editing. The break from this whole blog\youtube world was too long and I started missing it terribly! I just put together a quick video of my beauty routine before going to work. I always watch these types of videos and they seem like so much fun!, so I decided to film one myself.

I would much appreciate any comments and reactions from you guys!:)
Just a quick sum of the video:
It is a complete beauty prep for work from getting out of the shower, putting makeup & doing my hair to the final look.

Have a great day!
much love<3


  1. hey I like your blog ! follow mine and i'll follow yours back !

  2. Here's a comment: You're just the cutest! I just filmed my first video and now I realize how much intense work goes into them so kudos!


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