Shoes & a clutch in touch:)

Hello beauties,
I've been quite MIA lately & I apologize I had no idea how work and classes would consume me this much...These are the shoes and the clutch that I chose to go with my white prom dress. My prom was quite a while ago, but I never really got into posting a ''prom outfit'' kinda thing so I thought I'dd at least share something with you.  I really liked the shoes and honestly, I might be ''reusing'' them for some other event. They are from Cynthia Rowley and to my surprise they are very, very comfortable. Maybe it is because the heel is thicker, but I  honestly didn't expect them to be this comfortable.
I got a clutch from Aldo to go with the shoes and I think that they are a pretty nice match considering that I didn't have the shoes with me to compare the color. ( Yes, I usually take the shoe with me if I want to buy a matching purse:D)

Until next time, I hope you're all enjoying the summer:)
much love!<3


  1. Those go very well together!! I love Aldo!

  2. i saw u did a few youtube videos. I just uploaded my first one. I subscribed to you but not sure if you were still doing them. My video will post on my blog tomorrow.

  3. Ty botičky jsou opravdu nádherné!

  4. That clutch is gorgeous! I always find a shoe with a thicker heel much more comfy


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