Vichy - Purete Thermale cleansing solution review

I always thought my skin would handle anything. How wrong was I!! I still don't consider my skin as the most sensitive skin ever, it's pretty resistable, but in the past 2 years I discovered that my skin is very sensitive when it comes to tap water.(At some areas the water is hard, or simply contains too much chlorine). I found this product thanks to my mom. She uses Vichy skincare and once she got a sample bottle of the the thermal water, I tried it and instantly fell in love. It is basically a non-rinse cleanser\makeup remover. It's perfect especially if you wear a full face makeup, this thing takes everything off without irritating your skin!:)
Our skin has it's protective barrier and sometime using too harsh cleansers can be more harmful then helpful because it strips our skin of the natural oils that protect it. I'm glad I found an affordable solution for my  tap water-sensitive skin.
I like: 
  • Removes makeup perfectly without irritating my eyes.
  • It's a non-rinse cleanser, means I do not have to rinse it off with a harsh tap water.
  • Is very gentle, yet it makes my skin feel super clean afterwards.
  • You just need a tiny bit for your whole face, so it lasts pretty long. ( I recommend using 2 cotton pads for face & the eyes since its more hygienic)
  • Has no harsh chemicals or fragrances what so ever.
  • Is pretty affordable (~20 CAD$) compared to the Bioderma one.
  • Leaves my skin moisturized and breakout free. 
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    What it claims: 
    • Purifies skin deep down while preserving its natural oils and protective barrier
    • For skin that is sensitive even to cleansing with tap water (mine!:D)
    • ''Micellar technology groups the cleansing agents in micelles. These micelles trap impurities and any excess of makeup to perfectly cleanse without rubbing or irritating.
      Removes make-up like a milk and calms burning sensations and irritation without drying out the skin. Perfectly cleanses the face, eyes and lips in one simple step.''
    • Ultra soothing Rose Phytophenol calms itching, whilst the minimalist formulation avoids risks of allergy.
    • Hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, colouring free, soap-free, pH-neutral. ( paradise to my ears:D)
    In conclusion, I really like this product, I do feel the difference and it makes my skin very happy hehe. There are other companies that make similar products such as already mentioned Bioderma Sensibio H2O, that I will be trying too since I got some samples of it, but I think I will stick to Vichy one just because it's more affordable. Also La Roche Posay has one. It's up to you which brand you prefer.:)
    >>my mom loves it as well so we always get backups:)
    >>I will be trying out the Bioderma one as well:)
    Hope you found this helpful, have a wonderful day,
    much love!<3


    1. Thank you for the reviews on this product!
      I've always had sooo much trouble finding good products for my skin, and I finnaly found the right ones for me! I have really oily skin and it's sooo annoying! Just last year I found the perfect products and they have done wonders for me! :)

    2. This is a great post! I have super sensitive skin too so I might have to check this out.

      Also, there's something for you on my blog. :o)

    3. I love your post :D
      If you like my blog, you follow me.
      I'll follow you too :)

      Alla moda e con stile


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