Shopping maniac & the Pharmaprix VIP event

Hey lovelies,
Last weekend represented one big shopping spree for me. I guess I needed some treats to get my mind off of the stress & studying so I sacrificed my paycheck for cosmetics mostly.
On Saturday, there was a VIP cosmetic event at Pharmaprix (equivalent to Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada). We got our makeup done, some lovely goodies,discounts & professional advice. We bought the tickets earlier and I was really looking forward to this event. We ended up spending the points that we have been collecting for a while (about 2 years haha) so we bought a whole lot of stuff. At a purchase over 75$ u also got to win a gift basket filled with some cosmetic goods. I got a lucky number 13 and this adorable plastic basket with really lovely stuff inside.

 My mom & I had an appointment with Lise Watier. There was a choice between Stila, Bare Minerals & more. After getting our makeup done, we also got a little LW gift, but we did end up purchasing even more products from this brand and a few others as well. I really like Lise Watier because their products are paraben free and it is kind of a nostalgic thing for me since when I got into makeup, I remember saving for my first Lise Watier concealer. I was like obsessed haha.

After this, we went for lunch and some coffee and I continued my way to Wal-Mart where I ended up buying even more cosmetics:D I bought a Fit Me foundation, some lashes, mascara & a cream shadow brush that I really like.
>>it looked like a tiny candy-land for cosmetic lovers when we spread some of the stuff on the floor:D
 As you might have probably guessed, there will be some hauls and reviews coming up soon, so stay tuned!
Until next time, stay beautiful,
much love!<3


  1. Wow, you got lots of great goodies! I don't rememkber trying anything from Lise Watier as it's wayyyyy too pricey for me, but I've heard great things about their products (:

  2. that gift basket has all the lovely stuff. ive heard positive feedbacks about the lise watier concealer, probably a year ago.

    cant wait for your reviews and haul :)

  3. Is that some Clinique City Block I see in the last picture there??

    One of my must-have beauty essentials!! Wear it everyday mixed in with foundation!

    Thnx for stopping by my blog =D



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