"I'm not quite ready for a no makeup movie";)

So, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't know that H&M is going to collaborate with Versace? Yes, I'm super excited and I can't wait to see it in stores! I am curious about the price range of this collection, but it is definitely going to be a bit more budget friendly especially when it's for H&M. That's probably the main purpose of this collection, making Versace more accessible to all.:)
Now to my fairly new obsession. I've been dying to get the Lise Watier's Portfolio concealer wheel for the longest time ever, but somehow I never got into buying it as I've had way too many concealers already. Call me a concealaholic, but after getting my makeup done at the LW counter, I just had to have it. The lady used it on me and I simply couldn't resist. I know I'm probably the last one to be jumping on the ''Portfolio'' wagon, actually, the wagon is probably already pretty far as the hype about this product has already calmed down, but I just love,love love it!!!:D I might be doing a more detailed post about this product in the future, I got the darker version as well, but here's just a picture of the ''original'' one:)
>>If you are not familiar with this product already: the Green corrects any redness, Yellow\beige hides blue veins & under-eye circles, Ivory hides under-eye circles, Dark brown is for sculpting, and Lilac, my favorite is for the ''radiance effect'' (perfect highlight!!:)
Until next time, stay beautiful inside & out
much love!<3


  1. im always curious about this product~~~the first time i heard about it is from Michelle phan, but i have colour corrector already, so this oen is not on the top of my list right now~~~

    Versace for H&M???thats amazing~~cant wait to see whats in the collection~~~~~



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