''I'm allergic to tequila. It makes me naked'' - June in pictures:)

The month of June is almost over and let me tell you, I've been having a blast all month long (accept the final exams of course haha). I had so much fun with my girls, ate loads of yummy food and It was my Prom on Tuesday! It was on a boat and it was beyond amazing :) I will be posting more detailed prom pictures soon as well as the outfit\makeup. Here are some pictures from my month of June:
>>Frozen yogurt<3 what more can I say?

>>what a mess we made haha:)
Click the ''Read More'' button to CONTINUE:)

>> Me on my way to the dinner:)

>>my gorgeous friend<3
>> Yummy mexican food, I loved it.

>> View from the boat:)

>> Me & the guys (Prom day)
>>Stopping for a coffee before a busy day
>>with my beautiful friend ( Light coral lips suit her:)
>> Hair everywhere haha (Getting ready )
>> Shades indoors, too cool:D
>> A ring that I purchased from Aldo and that I wore the most throughout this month.
>> Russian candies from a european store. How cute!:)
>>Random lights:D

Hope you all had a great & fabulous month, 
until next time,
much love!<3


  1. Thanks for stopping by @ my blog. Looks like you guys had a fab time. Love the pics. And you look very pretty in your prom picture.I`m definitely following.

  2. nice pics, I really want to eat that frozen yougurt!
    And you look beautiful!!

  3. Babe, I love your photos!!

    You look mega gorgeous and pretty. Your hair and makeup is awesome!

    And you looked like a beautiful princess at your prom. :)

    The Cat Hag

  4. mmmmm love love love frozen yogurt. That looks delicious


  5. adorable photos! you are gorgeous! and now i want to eat frozen yogurt! :)


  6. Nice pics. That frozen yogurt looks so yummy!

    I love your blog and I hope you can come and check out mine! I have a giveaway on at the moment where you can win an 88 Metal Mania palette.


  7. Great quote =) I heard Canadian girls are really quite stunning, I guess it's true =)


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