Father's day gift ideas!:)

Father's day is coming up and if you are lucky enough to have that number one guy in your life, then it is time to show some appreciation. Fathers play an important role in our life and sometimes we tend to underrate the tasks they have and do as dads.
 I struggle a lot when it comes to shopping of presents. I always want it to be perfect, as personalized as possible and make sure that the person will like it. But after all, all that really matters is that you tried and put some thought & time into it. Thankfully, many companies noticed they could take advantage of this day to make more money, but let's be honest, it helps us out as well I find. There are now so many gift sets, father's day specials out on the market, but It's quite difficult to choose because every guy is different. I will go with basics: you have known your dad for a while, so you probably know what he likes. If your dad is one of those people who have ''everything'', you might just have it easier then you think. Just buy him anything that you think he might like, just as I did:D
  • If you are a daughter and your dad a bit of a metrosexual, you can't go wrong with some cosmetics for men. I bought a set from Vichy for my dad and he quite liked it:) I guess it was kind of expected from me to buy something beauty related anyway;)

  • There are so many men who love cooking and if your dad belongs to ''the chef'' group, then I'm sure you probably won't go wrong with some cooking tools Tip: personalized aprons would make a great father's day gift for the ''grill masters'' just an inspiration  here.:)
  • If your dad is a sports fanatic, I'm sure a jersey with a logo of his favorite team ,prepaid sports chanel,signed item by his favorite player ( i know this is more of a pricey & difficult to get one), wouldn't hurt;)
  • Is your dad a businesman? Well then I'dd probably go with some fancy pen set, a watch or something like that. It's classy and you can still get creative.

Please do feel free to share with us some more tips I always get desperate when it comes to gift shopping!
Have a wonderful Father's day!<3


  1. Hey, I gave you an award on my blog. Check it out! :)

  2. thanks for sharing these ideas! I think this year I'm gonna take the easy way out and buy him dinner haha

  3. @Pop Champagne: I actually did the same thing, I bought him food along with the gift haha. Men love food you can't go wrong:D

  4. I love all your suggestions, and I am sure it cut down a lot of aimless shopping for all daughters who read it. :)

    The Cat Hag

  5. I remember one year I bought my dad cake ingredients and a cake tin.
    So he could make a cake.


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