The BH 88 cool matte eyeshadow palette

Hey dolls, I have only one exam left until school is officially over for me, at least for the summer because I will be going to college in winter. I simply can't wait!! 
Last week, I finally got my BH 88 cool matte eyeshadow palette in the mail and I really love it. I didn't have time to post it earlier because work and exams have pretty much consumed me, but  here are finally some shots i took of the palette.

Needless to say, the pigmentation is truly amazing. I was also very happy that none of the shadows was cracked or fallen out. (I bought two of them and gave one to my friend, both of them were fine). I was also a bit scared about the cool tones, I ordered it thinking it's the regular 88matte palette without paying much attention to the ''cool'' in the name, but once it arrived I really loved the colors.
 Although it says matte, there are some shimmery colors which I don't mind at all. I just wanted to give one of these palettes a try because I used to be kind of skeptical about them.
The only thing about the 88 palettes is that you might be surprised by the size of the shadows. They are really, really tiny. 
I find it very useful for beginners, you get to try and experiment with a whole bunch of different colors:)
I'm now tempted to try their 120palettes as well. They look really cool and the shadows are apparently a bit bigger. I might do some swatches for you guys, but I think BH palettes are pretty popular and most of you probably already know them.
Until next time, 
much love!<3


  1. Wow that's a crazy amount of colors, the sheer size of this palette overwhelms me haha!

    So many pretty colors to choose from and only two eyelids! ;)

    The Cat Hag

  2. I have the first edition 120 BH Cosmetics palette! lol Hey, I gave you an award on my blog. So please check it out!

  3. Ive been meaning to buy one of these for so long though off ebay but im scared incase they arrive broken!

  4. WOW that is an amazing palette. I want one too, but this is a bit too big for me :P
    Any suggestions for someone who wants to experiment with different colors but doesn't need something this big?


    ps. i'm a new follower!

  5. I had a 120 eyeshadow palette from BH but ended up gaving it away as I didn't use it. I don't like the quality of the eyeshadows, most are chalky and powdery ):

  6. @Aline Chirinian : Indeed it might be overwhelming with colors for someone just starting out:) I suggest maybe trying a smaller palette, if you are willing to invest a bit more, you could get a 4 eyeshadows M.A.C customized palette:) There are a bit more affordable options out there as well:)


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