Makeup & food, what more do I need? xD

Hello lovelies,
The end of a school year is coming and I'm getting more and more nervous. Although, I still take time to relax and indulge in my obsessions. Yes, I am talking about makeup...and also my mom's food:D

>>I was playing around with makeup before last night and I came across an image where the model had a really dark lined eyes, I cannot remember what the image was, but if I find it I'll insert it here. Anyway, it turned out to be this simple asymmetric lines around the eyes, not a lot of colors and I added three dots under each eye. I don't know how to call this look, but I still liked it for it's simplicity, although it's very dramatic...typical me:D
Now to the food. I love grilled chicken and I like making healthier choices when it comes to food.>>Grilled chicken with veggies, hmm<3 Makes my tummy happy:)
Have a great week, 
much love!<3


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