Happy Mother's Day!:)

Hello beauties,

I know it's not on a same day for everyone, but this Sunday is Mother's day in Canada and I hope all of you had shown some appreciation to your moms:) My mom is definitely the most important person in my life and I think that in this rushed world, we forget to let it show sometime. But I'm sure that deep down she knows how much I love her. I will be surprising her with a breakfast tomorrow, but I gave her her treats earlier, because my mom is always so impatient and she would just keep sneaking around until she'dd find it.
I just gave her a little goodie-bag of stuff because I couldn't afford more at the moment, but I think she was the most excited about the least expensive item anyway:D
>>Of course, as a LUSH freak I couldn't resist to buy my mom this:)

 >>chocolate sent from my country and I found these really fun coupons for bubble bath, back rub, hug,etc. I'ts a really cute idea I think.
Click the ''Read More'' button to CONTINUE:)

>>my mom always wants me to do her makeup:D

>> I recently bought a Cupcake fresh facemask from LUSH so expect a review soon:)
Much love!<3


  1. this is soo cute!!! im sure ur mommy was thrilled to have these gifts


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  2. I love your blog! Following you! ;)

    xoxo Lindsey


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