Got a prom dress!...Finally..:D

Hello dolls,
Yes I finally got the prom dress. If you already don't know, my prom is coming up and I've been a massif procrastinator when it came to buying the dress and all that goes with it. I wasn't even that excited about prom, but it's once in a lifetime after all:) (Even though this is actually second prom I'm going to, but last year I was only a date).
I decided to share my dress with you a bit earlier. Yes, I know prom dresses are usually bold and color-full, but I went for an elegant plain white pleaded cocktail dress, because I believe that there's a power in simplicity and quality.
It was pretty difficult to find a dress that would fit me, because I'm very small and short, but due to time shortage I didn't want to risk and get a custom made dress. That's also the reason why I couldn't really get a long gown even if I love them so much, most of them make me look even shorter.
Now, enough talking, here's the dress!:)
Google image
>> BCBG Max Azria, White jersey Pleated Cocktail dress (Strapless)

I did get the shoes and clutch to liven it up. I was going for that ''Greek Goddess'' style, but I'm also tempted to do a Red-lip with this dress:) So I will see... I might post some of my prom pictures on here so you guys can see:)
Until next time, much love!<3


  1. The dress is gorgeous, I'm sure you'll look lovely in it! xx

  2. beautiful dress!! have fun at your prom!!

  3. amazing white dress!!!!
    hope you'll follow me and i'll do the same.

    Syriously in Fashion

  4. I really like your dress, prom dress usually are so exaggerate, your dress is very elegant! beautiful choice. :)

  5. the dress looks really nice, hope you have a good time at your prom!

  6. I remember my prom, I found a dress like 4 days before it :P
    This dress is beautiful, I think you should find like a middle ground between the goddess and red lips.. because they both would go great with it :)

    Have fun!!


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