Garnier Fructise hairspray stole my heart!:P ( A short review)

Hello beauties,
I've been always lusting for those voluminous luscious locks, but somehow, mother nature gave me flat,straight and really thin hair that are hard to manage. I admit I style my hair a lot and hairspray makes a part of my everyday hairstyling routine. I've tried so many different hairsprays, it's ridicoulous, but the one I find myself repurchasing the most lately is Garnier Fructise Style (3-4 strenght).
This hairspray is my favorite, simply because it doesn't make my hair all crispy, but is still able to hold them in place. Basically flexible hold as it claims. It also smells amazing, it's a fresh citrus-like smell that appeals to me personally. Most importantly, IT LASTS! Yes, I simply spray my fine flat hair in the morning with this product and my hair are quite manageable for the rest of the day. It's also humidity resistant, so for those trying to fight frizz, this could be the hairspray just for you:)
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What it claims:
* With bamboo extract and anti-humidity protection.
*Gives long-lasting hold and natural, healthy looking movement, without stickiness or residue.
* "Selected for its strength,suppleness and resilience, bamboo bends but never breaks"
* Creates an instant barrier against frizz
>>I usually pick the extra strong hold(#4)

This is so far one of the products that basically does what it claims, I really like this one & no, I wasn't paid to say this:D

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
much love!<3


  1. ooh thank you for the review!I like garnier hair products but I've never tried this, it sounds really nice! Have a great weekend :))

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  3. I needed a hairspray and I came across this review! Love your blog by the way, I'm following! xD

  4. wow like the hairspray that you mentioned it, love your blog too...o(≧ω≦)o

  5. i love garnier too!! i have the full strength version and it locks in my curls!!

  6. Thanks for the review, will definitely be having a look into this product!! xx

  7. Thanks for sharing babe, my hair is super FRIZZY and always un-manageable haha so I shall wait for a hair tutorial from you. ;)

    That being said, I gotta go check this product out, it sounds great!

    The Cat Hag

  8. i have this one too, i like the fact that it doesnt smell like hair spray~~~


  9. Cute blog!! ;)
    Ciao ciao from Rome


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