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Hello beauties,
Summer is coming up and I seriously cannot wait! I am quite busy with work and final exams at school, but I don't complain...at least not yet:D I really wanna thank to all of you that visit my blog, follow me and comment on my posts, it truly means a lot to me! Blogging just became such a huge part of my everyday life now, I love this whole beauty community where I can share my passion with people from all over the world, it's simply amazing. I just wanted to do a quick abit picture heavy post, so I will stick to the plan haha.
Here's just a couple of little things that were making me happy in the past 2 weeks:)
What can I say?..I love samples:D
  • Yummy pastry
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  • Road trips with my friend.

  • Candies

  • Face masks:D


  1. Those face masks look really cute!

  2. really nice blog!!! love it!
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    FB: comme une image


  3. i luv lush face masks too, they are just sooo good, andi luv getting free sample too~~~who doesnt love freebies right???lol



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