''Cupcake'' fresh face mask from Lush:)

Hi beauties, 
So I'm currently having a ''pamper yourself moment'' and I will share with you today my thoughts on one of the LUSH's fresh face masks called 'Cupcake'.
First of all, if you are not familiar with these, Lush makes fresh face masks that you can only purchase in the store since they are made fresh and have no preservatives in them. For that reason, you're also supposed to keep them refrigerated and use them up in 3 weeks. Cupcake in particular is meant for teenage or oily skin. I personally don't have much of a problem skin and can't classify it as oily either, but I still adore this mask. I will try to make this review a little bit more ''to the point'' and structured so here we go!:)
Description:  This mask contains Rhassoul mud, which is a great for deep cleansing and is also a powerful antiseptic. It absorbs excess oil and takes away any dry skin flakes. Saying it absorbs excess oil, It does not dry out my skin at all. It actually makes my skin extremely soft and gets rid of redness. It also contains glycerine and cocoa butter, so this mask is loaded with goodness:

I like:
  • The smell is delicious, it smells like minty chocolate which is irresistible for me and I'm always tempted to eat it:P
  • The consistency is nice, it applies easily
  • It's fresh & natural! What else can we ask for, no harsh chemicals involved:)
  • It makes your skin feel really nice,soft & moisturized after you wash it of.
  • You just need a small amount to cover your whole face.
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    There's honestly nothing that I personally dislike about this mask, but some people complain about the smell which is yummy to me, so I guess that's really personal.
    Price: I usually admit that LUSH products are kind of pricey, but here in Canada this mask costs about 6-8$, which isn't that much compared to those one-use masks in little packs sold in drugstores:)
    Amount:  I think the amount is just right for the fact that it expires after about a month. Theres actually a lot of product and to the expiry date, they say you should use it up in 3 weeks, but from personal experience, 5 weeks is still good:)
    Final verdict: In conclusion, I think that this mask is definitely worth trying if you have blemishes or you're just looking for something to calm down your oily or irritated skin. I personally love putting it on before going out or taking pictures because it makes my skin look amazing for a long time. I think LUSH fresh face masks are good in general, I've only tried 3 and cupcake is my favorite so far:)
     >>I <3 this mask

    >> mine was made by Adam. I think putting the workers faces on their products is a really cool idea:)

    >> many people say its looks like chocolate batter & I absolutely agree hehe.
    >>OMG!:D doesn't look very pleasant, but trust me, the smell & results make up for it;)
    Untill next time, stay beautiful inside & out!
    much love<3


    1. Hey Beautiful,

      I am glad Blogger is being good to you, at least that makes one of us haha! ♥

      And that mask looks so yummy, I love mint chocolate and I am so tempted to buy that mask now.

      But 3 weeks is a bit fast for an expiry date, I only mask once a week so would probably only get 2 uses out of it. Hmmm.

      The Cat Hag

    2. i wanna try this out so bad! i wish i could get lush products!!
      btw im your new follower :) i'd love if you follow me back!

    3. I didn't know Lush products, sounds good! i'm gonna try! great post! :)

    4. aww I want to have it too, I love face masks :)

    5. I love lush. My favourite facemask is Cosmetic Warrior.

      I have a giveaway on my blog. Please check it out. Link to giveaway here!



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