It's all about studs!;)

Hello beauties,
For the past few weeks, I've had this ''thing'' for studs when it comes to fashion.
It doesn't matter if you're a sweet always prepped kind of girl, or a rock n' roll diva, studs can always look glamorous and fierce at the same time, plus they are pretty ''in'' this season. They instantly ''live-up'' the whole outfit and they make me feel kind of fierce. That's maybe why I love them so much. Every time I pass by an item that has studs on it, I feel tempted to buy it whether it's shoes, leggings, purse\wallet or a piece of jewelry. 
>>This is my favorite wallet, that I got at Winners I believe. It's really big but I love it and I'm sure the studs have something to do with it:D
Now to the shoes, I wonder how fierce they would make me feel. What about you?

I've been also really into leggings with studs lately: 
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>>These are place really nicely, it must be flattering for the shape of your legs, really unique I like!:)
 >> I've been really into these rings that looks like knuckles in a way...wouldn't want to get into a physical argument with a person wearing these, you never know!haha

Untill next time, much love! And stay fierce my beauties!<3
>>Beyonce is rocking the ''studded'' look:)


  1. i luv the miumiu pumps~~~soooo gorgeous~~~~

  2. Those studded shoes are ♥. :)

    I would quite fancy a pair of studded CLs myself hehe.

    The Cat Hag

  3. i love that wallet. i lost my studded all saints wallet on a night out a few months back and miss it so much :( and those miu miu shoes are amazing! x

  4. so lovely these shoes!! :*

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  5. Hey hun, thanks for stopping by my blog!

    The shoes in this post are to die for!!
    Keep in touch too :)


  6. adore the wallet <3 studs are amaze.

  7. wow ..the legging and the white heels looks good and great


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