That magical season...

Hello loves!
Yes, If you still didn't guess this post will be about Spring. I just love what I see when I look out of the window these days even when in reality it's still a bit chilly. Before I go study my brain out, I will go out breathe in some fresh air & relax. I did my regular makeup routine, nothing too ''spring-friendly'', but I do like to experiment with colors so who knows?  >>This is the look that I'm wearing right now.
Now to the random items that somehow make a part of my Spring mood:) 
>> I've been wearing this necklace way too much these days, but I just can't help it:D (from Forever21)
>>Since Summer isn't here yet, my face is still very pale & needs some splash of color. Coralista blush by Benefit does the job for me;) Must not over-do it though, this stuff is pigmented.
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>>Body spray always comes in handy. This one is a bit too sweet, but I love melon&cucumber scents and this one is perfect for that to-go refreshment:)

>>My LUSH obsession is still alive. I don't go that crazy anymore everytime I visit their store, but I'm still a faithful yummy-smelling bath-product freak:D

>>This is more of a random thing, but I just hate that feeling when I realize I ran out of gum:S HAha

That would be all for today beauties, I hope you are enjoying a nice weather like me! Much love!<3


  1. I just saw your video and you are beautiful! You are so good at applying makeup, it was a great tutorial! I love your eyebrows, and it was so cute how you 'tamed' them!
    The necklace is really cool by the way:) Have a nice weekend!

  2. Thank you! I appreciate it very much<3:)

  3. I luv that necklace, ive always wanted smth like that~~~and i luv Lush products too, they are just so awsome and smell good enough to eat~~~lol

    Check out my blog

    follow me and i'll follow back ^_^

    have a good day ~~~

  4. Love the necklace, very cute!

    The blusher looks good on you, Benefit's blushes last forever. :)

    The Cat Hag


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