Spring ankle boots. Nude gets me in the mood:)

Hello beauties!
So spring finally decided to take over this long canadian winter, which makes me super excited. Seems like I will have to prepare my closet for this spring season, although here it doesn't last so long:( Once the snow melts, the summer heat is already on. So I have to take advantage of this amazing season and one of the most wanted things on my list are ankle boots. Here are some pieces I've been lusting over for the past month, but most of them are just inspiration to give you an idea about what I'm going for. Yes, most of them are nude, call me boring or whatever you want, but I just love nude heels, pumps and even ankle boots. I think it's a must-have in every girl's closet to own at least one pair of nude heels;)
>>These are probably the closest to what I'm looking for. They're by River-Island & I absolutely love them. The heel is pretty high but I don't mind since I'm very short and used to wearing heels. (Click Read More to continue..)

>>Since I'm a student, I would really like these for school. The heel isn't too high so your feet will be comfortable & you won't risk slipping in the hallway on killer heels with a pile of books in your hands...:D

>>These are  not nude but I simply couldn't resist. I love the bow on the side and they look very classy. Work & School appropriate as well, but still with style!:)

>>These are just extremely cute. Peep-toe with beautiful lace-like detailing, Simply gorgeous and definitely worth it to take a look at:) I wonder how would they look like on.

>>Last but not least, these MissSixty Jaidan booties are also pretty nice , I like the platform and the ruffled material.

This would be all, I hope I will find a pair similar to at least one of these beauties. Wish me luck! <3


  1. They're all pretty but I especially like the first two! You should definitely get them (I would also get the second one because I'm not that good on heels!!):)


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