Magics of the Green tea

Hello lovelies!,
I recently posted a video introduction for the green tea beauty tips on my channel. I just wanted to talk about how much and why I love this tea so much.
First of all, green tea is one of the rare things that is good for you and doesn't taste horrible. Enough said, I've been drinking green tea on daily bases and I definitely noticed an improvement in a condition of my skin. I did a lot of research and of course I know green tea isn't the only tea that's beneficial for our health, but I just happen to love this one the most. In the latest video Green tea series - Introduction , I showed just a quick tip on how I ''recycle'' my tea bag and It made me so happy when I heard from a few people that they tried it & loved it, or when I saw my mom this morning with the green tea leaves on her face:D ( usually it was me who talked her into doing it, now she does it herself because ''it feels so good'' as she says). The upcoming videos will be more in depth focused on different skin types, followed by recipes that correspond to each one of them.

What I'dd like to know from YOU, is what kind\brand of green tea is your FAVORITE? I usually turn to an organic japanese one, but if I want to enjoy a delicious taste, I really like Tetley's pomegranate flavoured green tea:P It just tastes so good:D ( For beauty purposes, it is recommended to use an organic green tea powder though)

That would be all for today, I will now go get some beauty sleep and you guys stay healthy and beautiful, inside & out!<3
Here's just a silly snapshot from the green tea series video that I found kind of funny, freak as I am:D
Much love!


  1. Wow thank you for sharing that!Green tea is full of antioxidants, I didn't know it was good directly on the skin too! There's an excellent Japanese one I used to drink but here we only get the one in bags.You look cute with the mask on! :)


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