L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes vs. Maybelline One by one Volume Express

Today, I will be reviewing and comparing two drugstore mascaras that I've been using recently. (Click Read More to continue)
I was really excited to try this mascara, after all the attention it received. The name says ''Million lashes''
so I thought it will be great for separating the lashes. Even though it has the excess wiper, this mascara does clump a bit, but it does it's job in thickening the lashes and it does separate nicely if you apply it the right way. Unfortunately, it doesn't work as well as I expected on my lashes. It makes them look too spiky and I find it doesn't hold the curl like my other favorite mascaras do. At first, it looked quite acceptable, but after a few hours, I started noticing black flakes under my eyes even though I never rub them. This repeated many times wearing this mascara and I was kind of disappointed. 
>>This is how the brush looks like after a month of using. I think because of the excess wipe inside the tube, the bristles got deformed.   It is not the worst mascara, in the begining it worked pretty well, but I probably won't repurchase again just because they are better mascaras for the same or even lower price out there. Still, the original Voluminous from L'Oreal is a great product, I guess they just tried to improve and I appreciate the idea of the excess wiper, but this one just didn't turn out to be that great.
Maybelline One by One Volume Express

I got this mascara from a friend. I didn't really hear about it as much about it as about the L'Oreal one and I didn't really expect too much from this one. Well, did it surprise me! The name of this mascara ''One by One'' also indicates that it should be good for separating the lashes. And it does what it claims to. It separates my lashes beautifully, doesn't leave clumps and lengthens them as well. Another positive side of this mascara is that it's waterproof, since my eyes tend to water during these cold winter days. I'm a lash curler person and with this mascara, the curl stay on for hours. The only downside is the packaging I guess, it looks a bit cheap which is a pitty for such a good product. But again, who cares about the packaging! It won't stop me from repurchasing this mascara:)

>> The brush is large which i like and the consistency is liquidy so it doesn't clump.

Finally, you've probably already guessed that even thought L'oreal has better packaging, the Maybelline mascara won the battle, at least for me! :)<3


  1. Excellent review, thank you for sharing! Ciao from Italy! :)


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